World IPv6 Day: Time To Get Ready

World IPv6 Day_ Time To Get ReadyA major event is going to shake the world of technology soon.  AT&T will not only be a major player as the event unfolds, but we plan to take an active part in planning for it. It will be on the scale of Y2K when we had to configure computers to be ready for the New Millennium.

Since the start of the Internet, way back in the 1960’s, the Internet Protocol (IP) used allowed for a given number of addresses.  Now with computers, tablets, smart phones and more devices getting access the number of addresses is running out. What we’ve used till now has been IPv4, or Internet Protocol, version 4.  Now a new standard, IPv6 will be used for devices that can access the Internet.  This marks a major change in the way we will use the Internet.

The global inventory of IPv4 internet addresses is nearing exhaustion and eventually there will be no IPv4 addresses available to assign to end-users.  The industry has been planning for this event for several years, and is transitioning to a new addressing protocol, IPv6. The transition is industry-wide and not just specific to AT&T.

IPv4 and IPv6 are not interoperable, so everyone using the Internet (yes, everyone!) will need to upgrade their Web environments to run both protocols, known as “dual stack”.

Now is a good time to begin the planning for the changeover.  One way to address that is with the World IPv6 Day, scheduled for June 8, 2011. This conference is designed as a “Test Flight” to motivate organizations to prepare their services for IPv6 to ensure a successful transition.

Those who have already begun the transition to IPv6 can participate in the event.  Those who have not can learn from the results of World IPv6 Day. You can run a quick test to determine if your system is compatible if you click here for more information regarding World IPv6 Day.  This way you’ll learn about how it will affect you and your organization.

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