Is the World Shrinking? Or is it Multiplying?

  • Mobilizing the workforce brings new benefits and challenges.
  • AT&T bridges the gap between today

Technology is shrinking our world, allowing us to connect and share content with people across the globe with just a touch of a screen. It also has a multiplying effect – allowing companies to reach and provide services to a broader set of customers — even in the most remote regions of the world.

With the mobile revolution, the possibilities for companies big and small are endless; however, I’d wager a guess that many business leaders are still scratching their heads, trying to determine the best path forward. Where should you invest? How do you structure access to information? These questions were top of mind for CITE conference attendees.

In his keynote address moderated by John Gallant, SVP and Chief Content Officer at IDG Enterprise, Sundhar Annamalai, Executive Director of  AT&T Advanced Mobility Solutions, discusses the benefits that can be derived from this connected society and how businesses can deliver a strategy that spans the organization to improve business interactions with employees and customers.

If you missed the CITE conference, watch a video of Sundhar’s keynote below.

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