Zombies Or A DDoS Attack – Which Scares You More?

I live in Atlanta, quickly becoming the home of the zombie. Not only is the AMC television sensation “The Walking Dead” set in Atlanta, but there is also a national fuss about some employees at a metro hardware store who created and submitted a “mockumentary” to the Sundance Film Festival.  The name of the film is “When the Zombies Come.” It’s a story about some college kids who work at the hardware store and how they plan to turn their store into a bunker when the “inevitable” Zombie Apocalypse comes.  And it has gone viral. Despite its off-beat subject matter, the movie had some interesting points on planning and preparing for what to do when things go bad.  Even if Zombies aren’t a real concern, organizations need to prepare and plan for the various cyber-security threats that are looming.

A threat in its own right, the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack has been a hacker’s mainstay for years, and it shows no sign of going away anytime soon. In fact, DDoS attacks are becoming larger, more sophisticated, and more disruptive than ever. Since September 2012, several U.S. financial institutions have found themselves under almost constant attack.

As a result of these attacks, and the publicity they’ve generated, interest in DDoS security solutions is rising.  As IT leaders evaluate their options, they are finding themselves confronted with a choice: should they implement a do-it-yourself solution, or choose a cloud-based solution?

I don’t work at the hardware store and I’m certainly not an expert on zombies.  But the experts at Nemertes Research do know about the realities of DDoS attacks on your network and how to prevent them. To help you plan and prepare for a potential cyber threat, register for this webinar available on demand:

Defending Against DDoS Attacks — Weighing the Pros and Cons of DIY and Cloud Solutions


Does your company have a security plan in place? Join me at the webinar to learn more about how to defend against a possible attack.
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