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Growth Spurt

Tremendous Growth… and Vulnerability

Is your network security in synch with your network growth?

Scaling and Securing Your Global Commerce Connections

In today’s 24/7 global business economy, the volume of customers, connections, endpoints and policies has exploded. All the resulting computer network interdependencies have created complexities that continue to expand as IT hustles to keep up with managing data not only in their own data centers, but also in new and diverse environments such as the cloud and mobile networks.

Maximizing Opportunity

Successfully scaling your commerce platform worldwide means maximizing your opportunity while at the same time protecting your business. That entails keeping security policies consistent and automating their enforcement across many network models as your business:

  • Grows more dynamic and crosses borders, both geographic and organizational
  • Embraces emerging technologies, such as mobile payments, to increase your customer reach and revenue
Connected Commerce:  A Case Study
See how Kaman’s IT Infrastructure Keeps Customers First.  Kaman VPN and VoIP Case Study

Pervasive Visibility

Getting the visibility you need to protect-but-optimize is a huge challenge; one requiring a foundation that touches all aspects of your global enterprise. That primary underpinning – the commerce lifeline to which all customers, suppliers, partners, applications and data connect – is the network.

Providing the foundation of the world’s leading financial networks, AT&T can bring that expertise to bear in helping you scale and secure your electronic commerce highways across the globe. As this latest period of intense change peaks, continue to look to AT&T for the innovative solutions that help you strike the right optimization-protection balance as you expand to reach widely distributed supply chains and new mobile customers.