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Big Data Could Mean Big Business Opportunities

Data Avalanche En Route

Are you able to handle the big data challenge?

Information is the life blood of business. Making sure it’s in the right place at the right time can be the difference between revenue and expense, overstocked or empty, a missed call or an answered one.

Data Everywhere

Data is now everywhere. It’s being captured and processed not only by traditional servers and PCs, but also by today’s exploding number of virtual servers and storage systems in enterprise data centers and cloud service infrastructures. By mobile smartphones and tablets. And by tiny computers within vehicles, appliances, vending machines and utility meters, where machine-to-machine communications is on the rise to control the emerging “Internet of Things.”

The result is more data being generated and stored than ever before. For example:

  • Inventory data stocks grocers’ shelves.
  • Fleet sensor data signals necessary repairs.
  • Monitored patient vital signs indicate critical health status.
Data On Demand: A Case Study
See how Zonar takes the wheel with a Machine-to-Machine solution. SGH Draws on Agility of the Cloud

Making ‘Bigger’ Better

Alone, ever-bigger data volumes don’t necessarily translate into making you and your workforce increasingly smarter or more efficient. To be useful and to open opportunities, the data must be shared with the right communities and displayed in a meaningful form factor that allows users to make decisions based on it.

The data delivery mechanism that allows this to happen is the network. An intelligent network that helps you get the right data to the right people at the right time. AT&T forms the foundation of computer and telecommunications networks around the world, with the ability to enhance, protect and troubleshoot them. As this latest era of distributed data storage and delivery peaks, continue to look to AT&T for the innovative solutions that provide the speed and intelligence needed to control and deliver data in the form of actionable information of real value.

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