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Global Collaboration
Training apps in the ER

Cushman & Wakefield visually connect global teams while minimizing travel costs


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Mobile Device Management Adoption
Training apps in the ER

According to Nemertes Research, 84% of organizations will deploy a Mobile Device Management policy in 2014


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Embracing Dynamic Work Models

Today’s workforce consists of employees who are constantly on-line, highly mobile, and often geographically dispersed. Getting work accomplished has expanded to virtually anytime, anywhere, and from nearly any device, whether it’s owned by the company or employee. While this flexible work culture raises workspace management concerns, it is also driving the balance of work-life priorities to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Secure cloud, mobile and collaboration solutions are powering the future of work by enabling instant connectivity and access to resources and data. Through emerging technologies, the ability to respond to market changes and solve business problems is being accomplished faster than ever before. Organizations that capitalize on these new work models are providing an optimal user experience that is extending all the way to the customers they serve.

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