RightScale’s “2015 State of the Cloud” survey results are in

  • 88% of enterprises are using public cloud, while 82% have a hybrid cloud strategy.

  • Advancements in security, performance, and management are breaking the barriers to cloud adoption.

Great news! Enterprises are embracing the Cloud, taking advantage of the economic benefits and flexibility of on-demand services. Clients are sharing this information during executive briefings and strategy discussions. Want additional proof? According to RightScale’s 2015 State of the Cloud Survey, 88% of enterprises are using public cloud while 82% have a hybrid cloud strategy.

Clearly the barriers to cloud adoption are coming down with advancements in areas such as security, performance, and management. Complementary solutions are often bundled with cloud services through the provider and/or partners to enhance the cloud offerings. AT&T for example is building out a partner ecosystem where cloud providers and technology companies are collaborating to deliver solutions designed to expedite cloud adoption and provide advanced features.

The same survey indicates enterprises plan to use a portfolio of clouds with 82% establishing a multi-cloud strategy. This is exciting news as it gives enterprises options when it comes to using providers of the same classification (PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS) for various workloads or applications. The multi-cloud strategy does introduce some complexities or opportunities, depending on how you look at it.

Reducing the complexity of using multiple clouds comes in various forms. A few examples are: cloud management tools; security solutions capable of spanning multiple services; and cloud networking solutions which provide a common user experience across the clouds.

We are focused on helping clients move to the Cloud with confidence. As mentioned, we are building out a multi-faceted partner ecosystem. Many enterprises use our global private network to run their IT business systems today. As these workloads transition to the Cloud, there are many ways we can help – through integrated offers and bundling of advanced solutions to name a few.

AT&T NetBond is our industry-leading cloud networking solution. It enables us to integrate our global private network with leading cloud providers. The end result is easy and highly secure access to a suite of cloud services. All of the companies that are part of our growing NetBond ecosystem appear as another node on the client’s private network. NetBond places the power of the network in the hands of the client. The client is able to provision and modify the network in minutes, paying for the network they use – very cloud-like in terms of service flexibility.

With NetBond, the time and effort needed to engineer your private network is significantly reduced or eliminated entirely. That is, compared to alternative private networking options, a client may have to anticipate how much bandwidth each application will utilize, sign up for a multi-month term, and/or manage equipment. NetBond’s unique and patented technology flexes in tandem with the cloud service – providing the right amount of network for optimal performance. The client has the ability to select any or all clouds within our ecosystem, without the need to establish a commitment or fully know how much bandwidth they will need in advance. A common user experience is given for all the clouds utilized. Dynamic orchestration, on-demand provisioning and modification, the ability to burst capacity automatically, highly secure (completely off Internet), and high performance are some of the reasons NetBond is quickly becoming the choice for clients wanting to securely connect to one or more cloud services.

We are continuing to add to our partner ecosystem. Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements. In parallel, we are investing to add new features. We are also working with our existing partners to build advanced solutions – think secure mobile cloud and enhanced management solutions leveraging our NetBond API’s. I look forward to keeping you updated.

If you are an existing or aspiring AT&T customer, please reach out to our AT&T NetBond team to discuss how our service can enhance your cloud network.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you found it helpful.


Rene Dufrene Product Marketing Management AVP AT&T About Rene