How to Minimize Your Risk with Cargo Tracking

  • Lost, damaged, or mishandled cargo is costly.

  • AT&T’s Cargo View Solution with Flight Safe allows users to track and monitor cargo, improve logistics and meet compliance.

If you’ve ever lost a cargo shipment or received damaged cargo, you know how frustrating the experience can be. Even if it’s not lost, delays, spoilage or out-of-compliance cargo can cost tens of thousands of dollars in loss and damage, whether the cargo is food, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, or vitamins. Mishandled cargo is also problematic; roughly 25.8 million bags and many, many more pieces of cargo are mishandled every year.

In the U.S., 17 million tons of cargo are shipped annually, at a cost of 67.3 billion dollars to carry freight to, from, and within the U.S. And there’s always some associated risk. AT&T’s Cargo View solution with FlightSafe® can help you reduce that risk by letting users actively track and monitor precious cargo shipped across land, sea, and now air, providing enhanced visibility to improve logistics operations and meet compliance requirements.

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Track shipment data continuously and in real-time

The Cargo View solution employs a small, lightweight sensor-based device to track humidity, temperature, light, drop, location, and other sensor data in air and land cargo. The devices are placed in shipments to continuously monitor the cargo and transmit status in real-time. Delivery managers can quickly react to alerts that signal potential damage, unauthorized entry, and other environmental changes that could impact the condition of cargo. Unlike most tracking devices, AT&T Cargo View with Flightsafe is safe for aircraft and can be used regardless of transit mode. And FlightSafe makes it possible for a device to automatically transition to airplane mode and remain FAA compliant during air travel, resuming, its communications upon landing.

Unlike most tracking devices, Cargo View is extremely flexible, allowing users to manage and monitor only what they need to manage, which may vary depending on the type of product that you are shipping. It can be configured for almost any type of cargo, whether it is live animals or expensive art. Users set controls determining who can access information about the cargo, so they can be confident that cargo is being monitored. Customizable alarms can be set to alert users of locations or events, based on particular needs, to help users respond quickly if cargo shipments or shipment policies are disrupted. The multitude of control options and a comprehensive, real-time dashboard provides users with visualized data and graphics about the conditions surrounding the valuable goods throughout the shipment life cycle.

AT&T Cargo View with Flightsafe is available to business customers in September and is one of the latest solutions from AT&T M2M Solutions. Click on video link below to learn more:


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