10,000 Emails Per Day?

Gigabyte: A Gigabyte is approximately 1,000 Megabytes. A Gigabyte is still a very common term used these days when referring to disk space or drive storage. 1 Gigabyte of data is almost twice the amount of data that a CD-ROM can hold.

How much data do you use on a monthly basis?  Do you use more than 2Gb?  Maybe,  but the fact is most Smartphone users use considerably less than 2Gb per month.  Check out how much data you use by visiting the AT&T data usage simulator.  It’s a great way to get an idea of what type of activities are your biggest data usage areas on your Smartphone.

If you need more than 2Gb per month, you can get extended plans that allow up to 4GB of data.  This is a good way to share information, collaborate and get more work done with those around you.  Think of it like a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot that you carry with you.

Imagine how your next trip to the beach could be.  You enroll in a specified plan,  put your smartphone in your cup holder and those traveling in the car with you will enjoy the freedom and speed of a FAST, 4G mobile network as they surf on their connected devices via WiFi or Bluetooth.  Think of what you could accomplish when you have that speed and capability for multiple mobile devices.  This ability to work from just about anywhere gives you a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business world.

Being connected is now easier than ever.  How will you use your Smartphone data plan next month or on that next family vacation?

To get more information on how a tethering plan can help you.

Your Turn: Did you know your Smartphone could allow others to use your device to access WiFi? What’s your favorite device to connect to your Smartphone over WiFi? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with fellow readers!
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