3 Ways Technology Can Help You Improve Your Net Promoter Score

A friend recommended reading the book Delivering Happiness a couple years back, and this book began my journey into finding out what it takes to build a high Net Promoter Score.  What I find most intriguing about the core of NPS is how it simply interconnects all components of a business.  It all comes down to the value I am attempting to instill in my 5- and 7-year-olds that will hopefully stick: be respectful of others and treat them how you want to be treated.  I figure if I reiterate it to the point of annoyance in their childhood it will either become “one of those things that mom used to say” or “a rule to live by.”  I am hoping for the second.

Applying this value to a business’ NPS can exceed a customer’s expectation by providing amazing products delivered by committed employees.  The employees want to work at this company because they are valued and believe in its products and services.  This positive embrace is passed on to customers in the daily contact, creating a natural draw from the customer to repeat business with the company. It is an inter-connectivity that affects the long term success of an organization.

Within the products, services, employees, and customers, in order for everything to work effectively, it is essential to building your business with the tools that can make it possible.

Here are 3 technology ideas to consider to help your business achieve higher NPS scores:

1. Score tracking app.

An individual employee has a score, and being able to celebrate as it moves up is motivating just as pinpointing what needs to change to do better is empowering.  SaaS applications are readily available to help you call this out.

2. Infrastructure for success.

A frustrating pain point for customers as well as employees is system slowdowns because the infrastructure powering the customer service systems or website is not scaled to meet the demand.  Cloud environments can provide the instant or near instant scalability to remove this frustration.

3. Reach and collaboration.

Leveraging collaboration tools that can be used on-the-go so employee teams can work virtually with clients can raise your support levels and gain customer loyalty.

Having the tools is not all it will take.  Just as the products, services, employees, and customers are all interconnected when working towards increasing your business’ NPS, the right tools add to the ecosystem that will lead to success.

I’m halfway through reading The Ultimate Question 2.0 to learn more about the concept of NPS, and I am pretty sure the kids are super excited to hear more from their future list of “things mom used to say.”

Has your business considered NPS as a measure of success?  What tools are you using?
Catherine Scaramuzzi Senior Product Marketing Manager AT&T About Catherine