4 Benefits Of A Mobile-Friendly Business Website

Is your business website on the favorites list of your mobile visitors? As more people use mobile devices to visit and purchase from business websites, making your website design mobile friendly is certainly a major benefit for both you and your visitors.  Do you know what your website looks like on various mobile devices? You can try your own mobile devices, or try this site.  It takes a few seconds for the page to load but you can see your website from various devices.

The top four reasons for making your website mobile-friendly follow:

1. Keep Visitors on Your Site: First and foremost, your visitors get the ultimate mobile view of your website. Imagine that they don’t have to scroll or hunt for information.  They will stay on your website longer.

2. Meet User Expectations: You don’t have to settle for having a mini desktop website version.  Some web hosting providers include or provide a mobile website product so you can create the best experience for your mobile fans.

3. Deliver Special Deals: You can create unique content just for these visitors. Create special offers, coupons or use QR codes only redeemable from a smartphone. What a great way to communicate with this segment and grow your business.

4. Build Your Brand: Give them a reason to admire you. Have you heard of our “It Can Wait” campaign that AT&T has been promoting?  Join us–and have your visitors join you.  We’re urging everyone to take the pledge to make a lifelong commitment to stop texting and driving, and be part of a wonderful mission.

Creating a mobile friendly website experience can help you to obtain repeat visitors since you can tailor the content just for them.  If your visitor enjoyed their mobile Web experience, then they are more likely to recommend your site to their friends. Is your website optimized for mobile visitors?  Do you know what your website looks like on various mobile devices?

It Can Wait: There’s no time like the present

No one will debate the fact that texting has changed how we communicate and share information. But sometimes, information can wait. Did you know texting drivers are 23 times more likely to be in an accident? As many as 77 percent of teens have seen their parents text and drive, and 75 percent say it is “common” among their friends.

Set an example and join us.  Take the no-texting-and-driving pledge. Share your promise with others via social media, email or in person and encourage others to pledge against texting from behind the wheel. You can stop by your local AT&T retail store to pick up a “No Text on Board” car sticker to show your commitment!
Jean Hendricks Lead Product Marketing Manager AT&T About Jean