4 Ways To Improve Productivity and Revenue with VoIP

We all know Small Businesses want to grow their business and make more $$. The question is, how to do this without hiring more people or expanding in a way that increases expenses. Voice over IP (VoIP) has several great ways to do that by increasing productivity – in other words, “doing more with less or the same.”

Here are four benefits your business can receive when using VoIP:

1. Gain another employee without having to hire one: Using the network Automated Attendant capability, your telephone receptionist can now be used to perform other functions your business needs to grow. By allowing the network to route calls to the proper person or department, your previous receptionist now becomes Customer Service Rep or an outbound caller. Calls may be answered “full time” by the network or during certain times of the day, whichever fits your business the best.

2. Never miss another order: Small Businesses cannot miss any order – every one is worth $$. Helping ensure that every call is answered by a qualified person is critical. VoIP offers the capability to reroute any inbound call to another number if not answered, inside or outside your business – automatically to wherever you tell it to go. If you change locations or numbers, you can change the call redirection via any internet connection. Simple rerouting to “find you” every time.

3. Answer every call – even on the go: Sales people, field technicians, Customer Service reps may be in or out of the office at any given time on any given day. You can ensure they receive every call while in the field via the ability to have calls to their office phone ring on multiple phones at the same time. Whether in the office, in the field, or at lunch, calls to your office can ring and be answered at your office phone or up to 3 other phone numbers. These can be inside or outside your office (mobile, home office, customer location).

4. Get your messages: Many employees have both an office phone and a mobile phone – the dilemma is having to check multiple Voice Mail boxes to retrieve messages. With VoIP this is no longer a problem. A single Voice Mail box can receive and allow retrieval of messages from both devices – a single Voice Mailbox for all messages. The added benefit is, these messages can be sent to your email and forwarded to your Smartphone as a .wav audio file for later listening.

The bottom line for Small Business is that Voice over IP allows you to increase your staff and productivity and $$ without having to add staff and expense. You’ll love watching your revenue climb without adding expense.

Are you using VoIP now?  What benefits are you realizing from it?  Any recommendations for others?  We’d love to hear your comments.
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