Are You Making a Foolish Mistake with Your Company Data?

It may not be April Fool’s Day, but if you’re not protecting your business data, you’re making a foolish mistake that puts your business at risk every day of the year.  Tape drives and on-site copies are not enough to protect your information if it comes under attack by hackers and thieves; or if your office is damaged or destroyed in a fire, flood or other natural disaster.

Have a good data protection plan

Every business should have a reliable, robust data protection plan in place. Your company data is one of the most valuable business assets and must be protected.

A good data protection plan starts with the organization of your data.  It is critical that you have clear company-wide policies that address where data should be saved; otherwise you’ll have no idea if you are really protecting all of your data or not.

Most businesses install a tape backup system and assume their data is now safe.  While it’s a very good start, don’t stop there.  Why?  Tapes are unreliable. A tape backup system is an incomplete way to protect your data for several reasons.

  1. You are lucky if a tape backup is backing up everything properly.  Tape back up software is pretty finicky, and if it sees a file it doesn’t like, it just rejects it and moves on.
  2. Even if your data were backed up, the chances of recovering everything you want from a tape are not good.  The tapes are not much more sophisticated than those you used to play in your car’s cassette deck.  Remember what happened to those?  They stretched, broke, wore out – all things that make it hard to recover data.

Supplementing your tape backup system with Internet/Cloud-based backup is often the answer.  The cost of this backup has decreased dramatically and the technology used has continued to advance, making it a viable option to protect your company’s mission critical data.  With the right trusted company, your data will be compressed to eliminate bandwidth concerns, encrypted to eliminate security concerns, and sent off-site to a secure facility. When you need it, access and restoration is quick and simple.

No matter what you do, a tape backup system is never going to be 100% reliable.  If you want a superior level of data protection, consider a total data protection service.

Do you have a good data backup plan? If so, what are you doing to secure your data, and how trust worthy is it – no really, have you tested your plan to make sure it is “fool proof”?  If you have no plan, and you’re simply waiting for disaster to happen (or having an “April Fools” day, everyday), why is that?  Feel free to share any advice with your fellow business owners to help them avoid disaster.

To better understand the devastation, from a financial perspective, visit The Cost of Lost Data By David M. Smith, PhD,

We’d love to hear your plans for back-up.  What steps have you taken — and recommend to others — for optimal data protection?  Remember, your helpful words here could save some other reader much aggravation in the future!
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