AT&T Tech Support 360 Server Support

We all know the challenges a small business faces:  keeping up with a changing IT environment, performance of computer/network/servers, limited support resources and staff experience, growing the business while managing cost and the most precious  resource of all…time.

Applications, mobile devices and remote workers are driving more businesses to invest in servers to run their business.  US Server Penetration is 52% and growing.

As a small business owner, what would you do if there was a service that provided 24/7 maintenance, monitoring and management of your Windows server  for an affordable, predictable monthly cost? Would it be helpful for you to have support for automated maintenance including Microsoft patch testing, network and applications management, recommendations on best practices to improve server performance – all from US based engineers?

With this kind of server support, you can prevent problems before they happen.  Imagine the relief of knowing that someone is keeping watch over your critical servers while you catch up on something that, as a small business owner, you don’t get much of – SLEEP!  Problems can be identified and resolved by the time you wake up and are ready for work…..even if it is 4am.   There are also add-ons to Server support that include Server data backup, Line of business application support and Mobile Email support.

So how do you choose the right Server support service?  You look for:

  • Expert support resources – Highly qualified and trained server engineers
  • Reliability – Integrated best-of-breed management tools with on-line access to portal to view trouble tickets and performance reports
  • Speed of resolution
  • Reporting and tools for real-time access to server problems/issues
  • Comprehensive solution – Single price includes monitoring, maintenance and labor

AT&T Tech Support 360 offers all of the above.  With AT&T Tech Support 360’s Server solutions, you can be confident it’s all running smoothly – which helps your business run smoothly as well.

What features are you looking for in server support?  What do you value most?  We’d love to hear your comments and thoughts.
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