Celebrating Contributions From Military Veterans

Businesses looking to attract hard-working, self-disciplined and loyal employees will find just that in our veterans of the U.S. military.  At this year’s Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, I had the pleasure to tell our corporate story as part of a panel discussion entitled “Social Good: Tapping Military Talent – The Corporate Power of Returning Vets.”

This may seem like a somewhat unusual subject for a female-focused business conference, but it was actually quite a good fit. While I’ve never donned combat fatigues, I was joined on the panel by two incredibly powerful and influential women who have:

  • Dawn Halfaker, a retired Army captain who was wounded in Iraq and now runs a company that employs other veterans to provide highly specialized consulting services to public and private entities.
  • U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Laura Richardson, the first-ever female deputy commanding general of a U.S. Army maneuver division.

I was honored to take part in this panel with them. And I was incredibly proud to share with them our experience in matching quality jobs with candidates who are former members of the military. Attracting military veterans is an integral part of our recruitment strategy. In the past year, in fact, we’ve increased our focus in this area by making it as seamless as possible for veterans to match their military skills with open positions. We have found it effective to dedicate a resource to improving communication between the company and job seekers with military backgrounds. This helps identify, attract, and land top veteran talent.

Attracting potential employees from the military is a priority for us because they provide tremendous leadership, understand teamwork, are able to adapt to changing circumstances, and are dedicated. They also bring with them significant technical capabilities as a result of their military training. These are skills every organization can put to use on the front lines of business each and every day.

Does your business have a talent strategy for military veterans? What approaches have you used to tap into this skilled talent pool?
Debbie Storey Chief Diversity Officer and Talent Development Senior Vice President AT&T About Debbie