Good Technology Eases Work Transition from Old Ways to New

Good technology fits comfortably into your current, preferred system of what needs to be done for business. When done the right way, it fits in with minimal interruptions in the more traditional (and comfortable) style of doing business.

Making a change in the way we’ve done a particular task can always be a challenge.  It is human nature to prefer “the way we’ve always done it here”  in contrast to a new, unknown and confusing system. Smart technology (the type you want to embrace) takes account of what has been done before — and the way it was done — and blends the comfortable, known style with new developments which provide more optimal solutions for business.

Here are a couple of examples which you can use as models when you embrace new technology. Most businesses use forms to run business. Forms have been around probably since the days when papyrus was used in ancient Egypt  for their version of documentation. When people have used a particular type of form, they grow comfortable with it and often prefer that to using something on a screen — even a small portable screen like a Smartphone or tablet.

Smart technology will take the familiar, old style and blend it with the benefits of newer technology. We are now seeing technologies emerge which take the familiar, established forms that a business uses and converts them to be easily used on a portable device with a screen (Smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). This way businesses can retain the familiarity of their forms while embracing the advantages of the new technology (readily available, ability to carry many forms easier, faster transmission and processing, etc.).

Another example of how good technology will blend into the work style that people embrace is with a new technology that recognizes the mobile nature of work today. More and more workers are breaking the chains that bind them to a desk at the office while embracing a portable, flexible lifestyle. This creates more productivity for the worker as well as more profitability for the business.

An example of this technology that blends portability with the stability of office-based communication is a new device which allows workers to insert their portable phones into a dock on a customized office phone. This seamless integration gives the worker the ability to use mobile phones when on the go, and use that same capability when at a more traditional office with all the features and benefits of a landline phone.

This blending of the old and the new in a comfortable method is most welcomed by workers who find they get the best of both worlds. They get the use of known, established ways of doing business, while bringing in innovative, new ways to get the job done better, faster, easier and cheaper.

You might want to see a couple of good examples of this style of combining the old with the new.  A convenient app called Pronto Forms,  gives the ability to create an electronic version of most business forms already in existence. You can transform that tried-and-tested form that you’re familiar with, into a form that is on the screen of your Smartphone, tablet and/or laptop.  To get further help join us online.

In addition to that, the new AT&T iFusion SmartStation works with Office @ Hand to give you the ability to dock your Smartphone into a more traditional office phone.  This way you get the best of both worlds with your phone needs.

Blending the old with the new is a key feature of good technology.  This is one of the criteria that wise businesses embrace when selecting new technologies.

So, what have you used that works for you to blend the old with the new?  What technologies have helped to transform your way of doing business?  Any obstacles that you’ve encountered?  We look forward to hearing from you and getting your comments.
Thomas Cagle Director Business Planning Management AT&T About Thomas