How Small Business can use Voice over IP to IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY and SAVE $$

Voice over IP (VoIP) is an integrated service that combines Voice service and features, Internet access, voice local and LD usage, and in some cases, full premises data networking.  Benefits from this include  LAN, Power over Ethernet, Firewall, and Wireless Data LAN capability.  In addition to the voice capabilities that Small Business users are familiar with, VoIP offers a host of new and enhanced services never before available at this level.


  • Automated Attendant is available in a variety of options.  This allows the “network” to answer calls and direct them to the proper person – this allows a former attendant to now concentrate on other critical tasks for the business.
  • Provides for “single” Voice Mail box for office and wireless calls – all messages can be concentrated in a single location.


  • Provides several features that help ensure your employees “never miss a call”.  These include:
    • Ability to have calls to your office be directed to other numbers outside your office (ie: Mobile or home office) before going to your Voice Mail.
    • Allows for multiple devices (office phone, Mobile, Home Office) numbers to ring simultaneously so the call can be picked up anywhere.
    • Messages to Voice Mail can be forwarded to your “road warriors” smartphones as a .wav (audio) file so the messages can be listened to immediately.

3. SAVES $$:

  • Simple System updates can now easily be performed by internal office personnel – no need to have a  “telephone person” on call or pay for changes.
  • Significant cost efficiencies are available since this is all one service – no need for separate voice, data, internet, and usage contracts and charges – everything bundled in a simple package is cost effective and simple to manage.

As Voice over IP moves from an emerging technology to a “mainstream” service, Small Businesses will begin to realize some of the same benefits larger entities have been taking advantage of for some time.  Small Business is King – now they can take advantage of the benefits that they deserve.

What benefits are you realizing from VoIP?  Have you found any additional benefits?  We’d love to hear your comments as you share your experience with VoIP with others.
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