How To Optimize Your Marketing For Mobile

A recent survey on the ways mobile marketing is changing the small and midsize business (SMB) landscape gave me some food for thought. The research drills down into the tools and tactics many SMBs are using to nurture relationships with existing customers and gain new ones.

To me, the biggest take-away for small business owners who want to get started with mobile marketing is that you must create a mobile-friendly site. Once that’s done, consider launching a text messaging program. With both in place, you’ll have a one-two punch that can help you start delivering new customers and increasing sales quickly.

With your mobile presence buttoned up, consider adding to your mobile marketing program. This infographic sheds light on the most important mobile tools and tactics being used by small businesses today. In a previous blog post, I looked at the professionals behind the SMB mobile marketing surge.


Reach customers on the go with a mobile website

I’ve talked to a number of small business owners over the past several months who have reported extraordinary results with websites optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices. Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to find small businesses. What does that mean? If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, you’re almost certainly losing sales.

Mobile-friendly sites highlight the information that customers are most likely to need while on the go, and they are designed to load quickly on smartphones. A mobile website solution provider can build your site or give you tools and templates to do it yourself.

You may want to streamline your mobile site so it focuses on one goal, such as making special offers, raising awareness with a video, or permitting fast ordering. List the elements of your full site that you need to change to accommodate the smaller screens of smartphones. For example, you should arrange content in one column to reduce scrolling.

Strengthen relationships with text messaging

Small business owners have also told me about the fantastic results they’re getting with text messaging. This tactic gives you a low-cost way to engage with your existing customers on a personal level. It also can be a very effective way to win new customers.

How? Think of ways to encourage customers and prospects to send you a text. An ice cream shop might announce: “Text ‘ice cream’ to 67396 to get a free cone and future offers.” The shop could then engage these new subscribers by sending more enticements on a regular basis.

Expand your mobile marketing

Once your company has these two strategies in place, you may want to enhance your mobile marketing program with:

  • A mobile app to improve customer service
  • Mobile barcodes to drive online traffic
  • Location-based services to raise awareness and increase visits to your business

For example, I know a plumbing business that created a mobile app so its technicians could schedule their service calls faster and track time at a site. The app also let customers take photos of their plumbing problems with their mobile phones and send the images to the office for more efficient troubleshooting.

Want more ways that mobile marketing can help improve customer service and grow sales? Watch this webinar where I review the tools and tactics in greater detail.

Have you employed mobile marketing tactics for your business? Is your site optimized for mobile? Share your insights in comments.


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