Intuit GoPayment – Even if You’re From Alaska

About a month ago, I had my 10 year high school reunion.  Given that I was swept into office on a campaign of the senior trip being to the Bahamas (didn’t happen), it fell to me to plan the night.  Perhaps the most harrowing thing about putting this event together was the collection of money, either through pre-sale of tickets or at the door.  I even went so far as to hire a third-party to take money at the door so I could avoid it.  As the date approached, I realized something – I never carry cash, or a checkbook.  If something isn’t available with a credit or debit card, I’m just not able to buy it.

I was quite concerned that my classmates might be of the same cashless mindset and despite my weekly emails reminding everyone of the need to bring cash or check, some would forget.  Springing to action, I researched what it would take to accept credit cards at the door.  Amazingly, I found it to be incredibly easy thanks to the Intuit GoPayment application on my phone and a little card-swiping dongle attachment.  The card swiping accessory was even free!

I didn’t need to use it that evening and was finally able to relax towards the end of the night as an inebriated gentleman told my girlfriend in a thick accent, “I don’t care what country you’re from!” upon learning that she was born in Alaska.

The card swiping app hasn’t been put away though – I now use it for the tenants in my rental properties.  Having cash-flow issues?  Swipe your card and I can be on my merry way as you pay it back later without my involvement.  Tenant is happy, Landlord is happy.  They might even be earning airline miles!

I’m now quite amazed every time I see someone that is mobile using a method that isn’t the Intuit GoPayment solution. They cart around large pads of carbon paper, the massive sliding machine, etc.  Or they have to have the large box with the keypad and figure out how to power it and network it.  With all the other great mobile applications that can improve the efficiency of a mobile service business, the ability to take payments with a smartphone should be a no-brainer.

One last word of wisdom; if you want to charge more to avoid eating the cost of the transaction fees be sure to phrase it as a cash discount, rather than a fee for using the card. It sounds better to your customers and won’t get you into trouble with the card companies.

How much simpler would your cash flow situation be if you could take payments with a card on the jobsite rather than sending invoices and payment reminders? Leave us your thoughts and comments below so you can help others in a similar situation.
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