Isis Mobile Payments Bring Businesses Closer To Customers

NFC technology will transform the way we use our mobile phones. What is NFC? Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that is built upon Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. As a standards-based connectivity technology, NFC enables solutions in areas such as access control / mobile key, information exchange / gathering, advertising / promotion, ID management and mobile payments.

AT&T launched Isis Mobile Wallet in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah on October 22.  Isis, a mobile payment system based on the NFC technology, is a joint venture among AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Isis Mobile Wallet supports a variety of smartphones, including Galaxy S III, HTC One X, Samsung Exhilarate, LG Escape and Samsung Rugby Pro. Customers can pick up an Isis SIM card and download the free Isis Mobile Wallet app from Google Play and begin making mobile payments. As a small business owner, you can obtain an NFC payment reader and allow your customers to pay their merchants with a tap of their NFC-enabled phone through Isis Mobile Wallet.

The Wallet holds credit, debit, and loyalty cards while simultaneously organizing offers, deals, and promotions. Isis can help customers manage spending by showing card balances and recent purchases for most of the cards in the Wallet.

Will mobile payments work for your small business? With regards to mobile payment, the first thought that comes to mind might be. “Is it safe?” The Isis Mobile Wallet has multiple layers of protection, including pin-protection, an auto-lock feature, and the ability to suspend use remotely which helps keep card data securely stored on the SIM card.

Has your business taken advantage of mobile payments? Do you have security concerns, and how are you addressing them?
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