It’s Not that Complicated—Really! Migrating and Renovating a Website


Like renovations to a house, giving a website a new look and feel can be like applying a fresh coat of paint.”  As I was walking through airports in several locations, I saw signs of “excuse our mess while we are renovating.”  My home airport just completed a massive renovation by adding an international terminal.  Talk about an extreme makeover!

All of this had me thinking about websites needing renovations—some are just in need of a makeover, and some homemade sites could use a little assistance in getting a credible and professional look. It is great when your website provider can provide you those templates and a gallery of photos and wizards to help you get “just the look” to showcase your business.  If they provide 24/7 technical support when you have questions or want to know how to add a new functionality, then you have hit the jackpot!  It is rare that a website provider will host your website, provide templates, wizards, a photo gallery and technical support 24/7 all at a reasonable price. Some website providers so  you should consider taking a look at what’s available via online demos. It like getting a sneak peak at what you will be able to do with their tools.

Bringing Out the Hammer: Web Hosting and Design

Two areas where online demos can provide additional insights are web hosting and design. There are reliable do-it-yourself as well as do it for me plans for those that want to start a new website or those migrating their sites.

For design, does the web provider offer a selection of templates and a gallery of thousands of photos to add to your site with the ability to make updates 24/7? Resources like AT&T’s EasySite/DIY design tool let you get started right away.

Ongoing Maintenance: Analytics and SEO

Once your site is updated, website providers that provide website analytics such as reporting on visitors to a site and search engine optimization tools provide may provide valuable info on how potential are reaching their business via the web and may give insight as to the how user-friendly their site is for users to navigate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Management tools make it easy to market your company by increasing your visibility on search engines.   Ask your customers: “Can your customers find your business’s website?”  Here’s a video to help you get started:


Have you started a website renovation project of your own? What challenges have you encountered? Any tips on making the process easier?
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