Journey to the Center of the Cloud

Have you ever had a series of wild events that led you on an unexpected path?  I have read about things like this in Alice in Wonderland and when I watched Forest Gump, and think it has happened to me in a less glamorous way during several events over the last year:

Talking Cloud

I started spending my days at work talking about “the cloud” and what “the cloud” can do for you.  A friend of mine who ran the Disney Half Marathon with me even had the joy of listening to me talk benefits of cloud computing between miles 6 and 7.5.

Real Life Application

I was in Austin one weekend in February.  The intent of the trip was to run the Austin Half Marathon with my brother. Over the course of the weekend, I had the chance to reconnect with friends of his from college who went into careers as developers.  They are in the middle of building a gaming application they intend to host on the cloud.

Feeling the Buzz

A few months later, I was at Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC (no running involved) and had the opportunity to talk to developers from around the world. I learned what kind of apps they like to build, where they host their apps, and what drives their decision on the cloud provider they use.  At the event, Winners of the Hackathon event hosted their app on AT&T Cloud Architect.

The build up of the buzz started me thinking crazy thoughts like, “I want to try computing on the cloud.”

Getting On Board

It’s been years since I coded anything – BASIC and Pascal are a current day developer’s fond memory.  But I always loved the process of having a creative vision to build something and then putting the puzzle pieces together efficiently to realize that vision.  I believe this is why developers are passionate about what they do.  So rather than just talking, I decided my next step in the “journey to the center of the cloud” is to learn Java and build an app to host on a server in the cloud.

My success in the endeavor is dependent on accountability. That’s where you come in. I will blog about my wins and fails in hopes of getting some encouragement and help.  I feel like it will be a long and scary journey, and I am looking to the blogosphere to keep me on track.

My first step?  Setting up Java SDK on my laptop.  Any helpful tips?
Catherine Scaramuzzi Senior Product Marketing Manager AT&T About Catherine