Liking is Half the Battle, Stay on Top with Flash Deals

My last blog discussed a recent study by LEK consulting, specifically the purchasing and research habits of mobile users. These habits are exploding and you want to make sure your business is part of the game, if you missed that article, check it out here.

One part of that study that I didn’t discuss involves ‘flash deals’. This has nothing to do with Adobe and everything to do with Groupon.  Limited-time offers through social media or mobile web are catching on.

Just last week I saw a deal for $1.00 off at FroYo and swung by for some strawberry and mint. I wasn’t even really in the mood for frozen yogurt, but saw the posting and realized that the deal would be over in two hours, so I went for it. By the time I got there, I was fully in the mood for it, having thought about all the delicious add-ons during my 3-minute drive.

By definition, mobile users are on the go, and could be near your location or on the opposite side of town at any given moment – you just don’t know until you try. The cashier at FroYo seemed disappointed that I was the first person to stop in and use the twitter deal since they tweeted it several hours prior, but I think the disappointment was misplaced.

They made a sale because of that tweet. $6 was in the register that wasn’t before and it cost them nothing but a small discount.  Beyond that, they gave themselves some content for their own social media feed.

On top of that they earned my loyalty as a customer I still see their occasional specials when I’m far away and can’t make it, which helps keep their establishment near top-of-mind for me when I’m thinking frozen treats. That kind of consumer recall is very difficult to track — but absolutely priceless.

Think of the value inherent in being Pizza Hut vs Joe’s Pizza. Whenever someone says they want pizza and the group starts listing off places they could go, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Domino’s will likely make the list because of recall. If your name isn’t near top of mind, you aren’t in that list and no matter how great your pies are, you were never considered. Top of mind awareness (TOMA) is critical for retaining customers and building on top of your social media efforts.

Remember, getting people to follow/like/friend you in social media is just step one. Using social media to keep yourself top-of-mind is step two, and if you can translate that to a direct, trackable sale don’t get disheartened because you only got one sale you could track. My recall of FroYo led to at least one more sale after that, and will likely lead to more in the future.

How do you see social media being used to build business loyalty?  What practices have caught your attention?  We’d love to hear your insights.  Please leave your comments in the space below.
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