Mobility Solution Helps Create Sky-High Returns for Streetblimps

  • Streetblimps faced logistical challenges in measuring mobile billboard performance.
  • A GPS-based WMS allows managers to monitor vehicle activity and performance in near real time.

Originally known for its national network of attention-getting mobile billboards, Streetblimps has successfully expanded its media portfolio to include street teams, nightlife projection promotions and guerrilla marketing programs that are custom-built and executed to build brand awareness.

The uniqueness of Streetblimps’ strategy created logistical challenges when it came to verifying the performance of its mobile billboards. AT&T suggested a GPS-based workforce management solution that’s as distinctive as Streetblimps’ media solutions. Managers are able to monitor vehicles in near real time. In addition, Telenav Track enables drivers to photograph the Streetblimps at assigned locations. The system provides total accountability which is a win-win for both Streetblimps and its clients.

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