On the Road Again

Dashing through traffic or up, up and away is how many of us spend our lives –away from our desk a good part of the day.  Yet, we still need to stay connected to work and customers throughout the day. It is not unthinkable to arrive just in the nick of time for an important meeting or at the airport just as the flight is getting ready to board. You made it once again, just in the nick of time! Before you begin to take a minute to relax—you start planning your next To-Do-List, and you realize that you need an important file to share a document or the latest price increase of how it will impact their project  to share with your customer.

What to do remains the big question. You can relax and exhale. You can relax because you have your data stored in the Cloud and can access it from any of the 50 states. Whether you need to connect through Wi-Fi at the airport, your hotel or the hot spot at your destination, you can get the information you need. This demonstrates you are still on top of it all and have the information your customer needs to close the deal. You can even fax, email or print from your stored data because you have your virtual office with you.

Check out this video to See What it’s all about

When backing up, here are some important considerations.

You may be wondering, “How secure is my data?” Always look for these features when considering a reliable backup system:

  • Advanced Encryption: 168-bit AES SSL encryption is advised to protect your data while transferring between your computer and online storage — more than the 128 bit encryption used in online banking transactions.
  • Physical Security: Ensure that the servers are maintained in secured and guarded datacenters. Plans and procedures to cover all aspect of security are in place and are regularly reviewed, tested and updated.
  • Server Security: The system should employ industry standard systems and procedures for continuous scanning, monitoring and control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Firewalls: Confirm that connections use only security enhanced communications ports that are used by Internet browsers and works well with any firewalls installed on your computer.
  • Password Protection: All access to your servers should be password protected. It is recommended by many that connections from computers to the service occur though an agent software. All communication between mobile phones and the backup system should be password protected, and fully encrypted in both directions.
  • User Control: Ensure that you have full control of your files. You should be able to choose the files to backup. While sharing, you control who gets access to which files and for how long. Recipients see the files you have shared and nothing else.
  • Virus Scanning: All emails that pass through the servers, including attachments, should be scanned in real time for viruses. If a virus is detected, the operation should cease immediately and the incoming data streams need to be purged.
  • Protection from Spyware: Be sure that the system you select only responds to its own service. It is also important that systems are in place to prevent sending your information to a malicious recipient.
  • SSL: Secure Sockets Layer is the current accepted standard for encrypting data transmissions on the web. Confirm that your system uses this methodology by default.
  • VeriSign Secured Certification: It is very good to have a system which is Verisign secured to help ensure connections only go to your services and are not redirected elsewhere. Certificate details can be displayed by clicking on the VeriSign logo to confirm where your data is directed.

With a combination of these features, you can safely keep moving, jumping in the car or hoping on those airplanes and doing your business from wherever you need to be for your customers. Advanced technology like this is no longer just a dream. As you embrace it, you will can focus on serving customers more and maybe even get work done with plenty of time to spare! For information on AT&T’s Backup and Go service.

What features of security and backup are most important to you? What are the “must have” security features for you in backup? We welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you.
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