SEO – Does everybody want to be #1. Why?

In a previous blog on Local Search plans I mentioned I’d chat about search engine optimization (SEO.) 

After creating your website you want to ensure people can find you and visit to your website.  That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in to assist.  Some website providers may include a variety of SEO tools to help you get started on improving your overall search engine ranking. But what does SEO actually do?  I thought it would be good to chat about the concept of SEO before exploring the tools included with an SEO plan.

What you may have heard is that SEO helps you get found on the internet.  Nice, right? But HOW? SEO is all about organic searching.  An organic search provides results based on what is on a website page including content and keywords.    A person types in what they are looking for and relevant results are returned.

We all do this when we use a search engine to find what we are looking for on the internet.  It is referred to as an organic search because the results that will be returned to us are not paid ads.  The paid search ads are a result of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).  Another time I’d like to chat about the pros and cons of Internet Marketing (SEO and SEM)!  Today, the search engine narrows down quality results based on the information found on website pages.  Search engines have their own “secret formula” for providing their relevant results which is why you may see a specific item ranked differently among the various browsers.

Relevant is an objective term. If I searched for a florist I would get one set of replies.  Another set of possible results can appear if I searched for a florist in NJ.  I know I would get further different results if I searched for a florist in NJ for roses or a birthday bouquet.

The job of SEO tools is to help you to increase your ranking within the search engine’s results. Since we know that not everyone can be ranked #1,  is being #3 or #5 okay?  Perhaps it is okay to be on the 1st page.  I do not ONLY look at the first ranked item when I search for something. I like to click on and compare various results.  Sometimes I’ll go to the 2nd page to see what’s there.  I frequently check a few search engines to see what results they uncover.

So perhaps being #1 for florists isn’t possible, but being on the 1st or 2nd page would be acceptable. Also, being in the top 5 for florists in NJ would be a valuable asset.  It might be worth your SEO efforts to target being #1 for florists in NJ for roses or a birthday bouquet.  Maybe this could be achievable.

What do you think, is it okay to be on page 1 or even 2 of search results? Or is it all about being #1?  We’d love to hear from you regarding your experience.  Please leave your comments below.
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