Small Business Summer Games – Personal Training Go for the Green

As athletes around the world perform their ultimate workouts in London for the 2012 Summer Games, the personal training business is hotter than ever. Scads of mere mortals like you and me, who don’t have much time to spare, are enlisting personal fitness gurus who can meet anytime, anywhere and can customize everything from training strategies, regimens and philosophies to diet and overall wellness education. In the small business realm, personal trainers are winning big – to the tune of $7.3 billion industry-wide in 2011.

Because the personal training profession is not limited by venue, trainers are constantly out and about, heading to the next would-be Olympian. Most don’t have an office per se. The ultimate mobile entrepreneurs, personal trainers know that their businesses depend on being wherever clients need them.

Which begs the question, where do clients send payments for a personal trainer’s services? Many ask clients to have a check or cash ready at each session, but frequently this approach doesn’t work. Either the client forgets to bring payment or the trainer forgets to request it — which requires an invoice to be sent, sometimes weeks later, often resulting in messy accounting and poor cash flow management.

A growing number of personal training businesses are now taking payments with their AT&T smartphones using Intuit GoPayment. By simply plugging a small card reader into a compatible device, the swipe of a client’s credit card can secure payment on the spot, followed by a receipt texted or emailed to the client.

Mobile payments simplify things for customers and businesses alike. No more dealing with invoices, waiting for checks to clear, bounced checks, or inputting received payments. It’s all done in an instant. Even better, GoPayment can link directly to the trainer’s QuickBooks account, eliminating manual input for accounts receivables.

Personal trainers say that their clients love the simplicity. They can carry a credit card even during a workout, and it doesn’t get in the way. And trainers don’t worry about payments anymore, which is great, because the key to success in fitness is focusing on the workout.

For small businesses on the go, Intuit Go Payment is the gold standard in on-the-spot payments, whether you’re meeting a client at their home, their work, for lunch, or even at the London Summer Games.

Have you tried mobile payment options in your small business?
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