So, What’s Stopping You?

Have you ever seen an invention or viable business and said to yourself, “Hey, that’s my idea?”  If you’re like me, it’s happened more than once.  But the value of an idea is not only in the ideation, but rather it’s having the idea and executing on it.

I’ll write business plans only to have my idea usurped and executed rather well.  One of my so called “business plans” was a mixture of sports and technology; one is my passion, and the other my career.

How cool would it be to attend a live sporting event and enhance it with your smartphone?  You know, stuff that is almost common practice nowadays, like using your device as your ticket?  Or something more advanced, like real-time video replays and live statistics. Or even better – why not order food using your device from your seat? This was my idea years ago, and surprise, it’s available now and expanding quickly across sporting venues globally.

Using technology to simplify and or enhance your daily activities is a trend that is not going away; it’s just picking up speed. Whether it’s booking a hotel room at Marriott or finding new recipes from Hy-Vee, the mobile channel allows organizations to differentiate themselves, and we as individuals benefit.

Now here’s the challenge.  I put this one on myself.  The next time I have an idea, I’ll try to make it a reality.

For those of you who have a great idea for your company and are interested in taking action, do it. And if it involves developing a mobile application for your organization, AT&T has expertise to help you with your initiative.

Have you ever had a great idea that someone else developed? We’d love to hear about it…and next time you have a big idea, let AT&T help you make it a reality!
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