To Be Seen or Not to Be Seen?

In my earlier blogs, I said to “Fire Up That Web Cam” and provided some applications for the overall use of converged audio, web and video conferencing. But it seems that we are seeing a shift in the industry and the application is now becoming the use of converged VIDEO, web, and audio conferencing. Note the switch in importance? Video seems to be taking the lead in driving the need for a conferencing application.

What are your thoughts on the theory and the importance of video conferencing to you and how are you using it?

Is it the need to see your meeting attendee’s face?

Is it the need to make sure your meeting attendees are paying attention?

Is it an executive officer requirement?

As far as face to face video use, it seems that my experience, at least with utilizing my desktop webcam to meet face to face with my attendees, is that once you have seen someone’s face on the webcam a few times, you get to know them and the 3rd or 4th meeting it is not necessary to keep turning on the video feed.

So, is it back to a couple of my applications that I offered up in my first blog? I outlined video uses other than to see what the other person looks like. Those included using video to view a situation occurring at a remote site where you might be helping solve an issuer.  Another is the”live” display and demo of a product and its function via video. So what is the net benefit for business? I suggested using video to give you and your customers/suppliers/business associates broader sight, not just to see the other’s faces.

As a small business, how important is video conferencing becoming to you? What ways are you utilizing video conferencing? We look forward to getting your comments and thoughts on this increasingly-important topic.
Jim Saum Lead Product Marketing Manager AT&T About Jim