Touch People the Way They Like to Be Touched

Keeping in touch with important contacts is an integral part of business. In the past, it was easy to send an email or keep a phone number and you’d usually reach the person you need.

Today that has changed with the proliferation of communication possibilities. Marketers now use tools like SMS, mobile coupons, mobile voting, voice broadcasting, email marketing, social media and more. This brings the question of how to reach people? Do we send email? Would a text message be better? What about social media — and which one is your recipient more likely to use? It can be harrowing just to connect with an important person!

Marketing now becomes more of a challenge. In the past, you could send an email blast and usually get through — at least before all the spammers bombed our email boxes! Now we have mobile marketing which requires a different way of communicating.

LEK Consulting has shown that mobile marketing isn’t going away and is growing faster than many of us expected, so this is a solution you don’t want to ignore.

The ideal is to find a service that blends as many of these features into a method that allows a marketer to reach those who want to receive messages. If they want email, you can send it that way. Do they prefer a text message? No problem. This type of service is what marketers have been looking for to reach an ever-elusive audience.

When I was in sales, we were constantly getting requests from customers asking how they could get these features in one package and we were always forced to give them a list of options to achieve their goals, none of which worked well together. Now tools exist so you can manage your entire mobile marketing portfolio in one place.

Make sure that whatever service you select gives your contacts the choice of how they will receive messages from you. This permission-based marketing model is not only polite — but it generates more business. People tend to buy more when they are not irritated!  (Duh!)

You can use a mobile voting feature to ask your customers what they want – what should the special be tonight? Would a new product line interest them? What is missing from your current product?

AT&T has a new product called Messaging Toolkit to send out a mobile coupon and rather than just distracting your customers with another message, you can delight them. With a service like this you can market by hanging out using the social media tools.

This is what marketing should be — and where it works best. Find out what your potential customers and contacts desire and provide it. Ask them how they want to be connected with you (text, email, social media, whatever) and then provide quality messages for them which they welcome. With new technology you, as a marketer, win and your contacts win as they receive valuable information they can use.

Want to know more? Read the full product brief .

A video can say a lot. Watch this video to understand more of what the concept is about and how you can tap into it to reach your contacts in the way they want.

What do you think of this type of technology? Is this something you see helping with marketing and other communication?  We’d love to hear from you.
David Egger IRU Mobility Programs Lead Marketing Manager AT&T About David