Touchdown Social Media

As we all know by now, the New York Giants got past the New England Patriots with a fourth quarter drive to win Super Bowl XLVI.  If you think back to the first ever Super Bowl championship by the NY Giants, the 1986 season, the world of technology was in a very different place.

1986 was when IBM unveiled the PC convertible, which was basically called a laptop. The Internet mail access protocol was defined for e-mail transfer., And who can forget the 386 chip set from Intel?   Also, remember that mobile phones were the size of vacuum cleaners!

In 2012, we all are in a very different place.   For many of us, we are in a four screen world leveraging technology from TV’s, laptops, tablets and, of course, smartphones.  This was no more apparent than during Super Bowl Sunday.  The biggest media event on the planet drew 111 million TV viewers.  Also,  according to the Associated Press and NBC, the first live stream of the Super Bowl drew 2.1 million unique viewers.  This was the content that everyone had to have and had to have it everywhere.

So you can imagine most of the Super Bowl party goers were in two screen mode. Pick your brand of HDTV, laptop or tablet plus your smartphone of choice. I looked around and of course saw my friends sharing the moment with each other and yet reaching out through Twitter and facebook sharing each play with more friends and more family.

For me, the Super Bowl was a great example of how social media is so much a part of our lives today. However, the key is having the right content at the right place at the right time.  Content is king and it really is the catalyst for the great intersection of social media and media.

I’m looking forward to the next Super Bowl and what the next screen will be…

So what do you think?  Where are we going with our screens?  What do you think will be used for experiencing events like the Super Bowl in the future?  We look forward to your comments.
Michael Nigro Application Sales Manager AT&T About Michael