Warp Speed — 4G LTE Killer Apps Are Upon Us

When most of the people are using mobile phone to connect with their world and search for information, faster Internet speed makes a big difference. Continuing its nationwide 4G LTE rollout, AT&T recently launched 4G LTE in several cities, including Fort Myers, Fla., Knoxville, Tenn., and Tulsa, Okla. Now live in 109 markets,  the LTE network enables 150,000+ customers to enjoy the fastest mobile Internet speeds available.How will this increase in speed affect mobile applications used by consumers? Will LTE create the opportunity for the next killer app? What kind of apps will make consumers want to switch to LTE phones?

These questions remain to be answered – and getting there will be exciting. However, as an LTE consumer myself, I look to 4G LTE to do more and faster video streaming, music, FaceTime, social networking, and Internet browsing.  For small business owners, LTE offers new potential for services that help run the business and more seamless participation in social networks to market their products and services. Cloud service providers benefit as well, with new opportunities to promote their cloud services.

For developers, it’s all about the app. They are beginning to think about what apps can be developed in order to leverage the faster mobile network, faster response time, Big Data management, and new devices. It’s an exciting time to be a developer with technology moving so fast and with the market demand increasing for mobile apps. At the same time, there are questions to be answered: How will this new speed impact the apps that were written for 3G? What will happen when a 4G app ends up running in a 3G network?

Depending on your role – as a consumer, small business owner, cloud service provider, or developer — what does LTE mean to your online experience? Will it change how you do business, or the types of applications you develop? How about productivity, creativity, and innovation? Share your thoughts below.
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