What do Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches have in common with Cloud Computing?

I make my son’s lunch everyday. I don’t like doing it and he is in high school; so I wonder why I do it.

I’ve been a working mom since he was born so this is one thing that makes me feel a bit less guilty.

But that isn’t the point of this blog. The real point is something that bothers me daily when I make my son’s lunch; I use a new plastic bag for his peanut butter and jelly sandwich (yes every day PBJ!!) and for his pretzels. It really bothers me that I’m adding two plastic bags to the dumpsters every day, but it’s easy and fast. So, I have been thinking about ways to go green personally and for business.

I recently moved into a position supporting offer development for Cloud Services. As I was thinking about the “Cloud,” what occurred to me was one of the largest benefits of The Cloud—  the “green” aspect.

Today there are millions of PCs, mobile devices, and servers deployed and operating. There is a tremendous amount of dedicated hardware deployed in data centers running 10-15% below optimal levels. This uses a lot of energy that could be used more efficiently and more “green.”

The Cloud allows applications and databases to be optimized across many virtual machines. This drives optimized efficiencies across physical hardware and energy/electricity. The Cloud ultimately helps reduce the amount of hardware required and thus the amount of obsolete hardware that is dumped every year. Running hardware more efficiently reduces the needed electricity, space, air conditioning, etc., needed to drive applications.

As we embrace more energy-conserving methods like The Cloud, we will help economize and save much-needed energy. This is a part of AT&T’s goal. It is yet another reason to embrace The Cloud.

Your Turn: What are some suggestions that you have for going green in your business?

Amy Machi Director of Offer Development AT&T About Amy