Where Are You?

Are your customers able to find you quickly or are they calling you and asking “where are you?”   If you are a local merchant you may be wondering what other options you have to find new customers and bring in business.   Today it can get confusing for a small business owner to know where to advertise and how to reach the right customers.

If you have a website, one excellent marketing tool that is useful in attracting and reaching your target customers is a local search plan. With so many smartphones out there, customers are using their phone’s search engine to find local businesses. What’s appealing is that you can gain extra foot traffic with travelers – people who are on vacation or a business trip who need a local business will be able to find and visit you, too.  Local search plans give you online exposure and so much more.  It focuses on providing your business information and location to all customers searching with specific criteria.

A local search plan differs from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.  While both marketing tools help you get found and increase website traffic, they have slightly different roles.  A local search plan is a specific tool to help increase LOCAL customer awareness. Whereas SEO tools help increase your WEBSITE visibility (I’ll go into more detail about SEO in a future blog). These tools fit together like a hand and glove and are a great pair if you are a local merchant who wants to obtain first-rate marketing results.


The following are some of the directories that are often included in a local search plan:

  • Internet Yellow Pages
  • Navigation (GPS) Systems
  • Mobile Local Directories
  • Top Search Engines
  • Directory Assistance Services

With a quality local search plan in your marketing toolbox, you can promote your business and get connected to potential customers.  These are people who are looking for YOU and now they’ll know right where you are!

What tools are you using to drive local traffic to your business?  What has worked best for you?  What hasn’t worked as well as you expected?  We’d love to hear your real-world experiences.  Please leave your comment below.
Jean Hendricks Lead Product Marketing Manager AT&T About Jean