Your 2013 New Year’s Resolution:

As the year ends and a new year rapidly approaches, you may be looking for low-cost ways to connect with your current customers and find new ones in 2013. Here are four simple ways to reach your marketplace. Not all of them require a website, but if you don’t have one, launching a website should be a priority on your 2013 “to do” list, too.

1. Email Marketing

Connect with your customers by creating an email marketing account.  You don’t need to have a website to implement this solution. One tip I’d like to share is that having a business domain name email address is definitely a plus to making your business look professional.  So at minimum, make sure you are using a domain-based email address instead of  You can send out holiday greetings, tips or helpful hints, coupons or FYI emails.  Did you know you can also send targeted email campaigns to mobile customers?

2. Social Media

If you still haven’t joined one social media site, 2013 is the time to do so. If you are unsure which social media site would be the better choice for you to connect with potential customers, consider this:  if you do not have a business website, then Facebook would be a good tool to get the word out about your business to grow customer familiarity about your products/services and build trust.  If you do have a website, then consider Twitter, where you can tweet about sales or specials or common topics shared by your followers.  It’s a great way to gain followers who are interested in your products or services. Be sure to check out the mobile apps for Facebook and Twitter – your customers are probably using them!

3. Customer Testimonials

Build relationships with existing customers and connect with new customers using testimonials.  As a consumer, I know I like to read the happy experiences of consumers who do business with a company.  If you have a website, consider adding a “Build a Customer Testimonial page” to your New Years Resolution list.  This page can provide an added means of assurance to visitors and entice them to make their first purchase with you. Did you know that your website plan may already come with a form widget that you can use to collect testimonials enabling you to quickly get started?

4. Mobile-friendly Webpage

If you do have a website, and your customers are more likely to visit your website from their smartphone than their desktop, you can easily connect with them without too much effort. In fact, some website plans come with a wizard to add a mobile web page or you can add onto your existing website plan for a more robust mobile website solution.

It’s no secret that mobile device usage is growing.  It’s an awesome way to connect with users on-the-go. I hope you find at least one of these suggestions to be an easy and practical way to connect with more customers who’ll enjoy your products and services.  Whatever suggestions you choose to implement, I hope that you have a very prosperous 2013!

How do you plan on connecting with your customers next year?
Jean Hendricks Lead Product Marketing Manager AT&T About Jean