The New Mobile Management Evolution

For those of you who follow the mobility space closely, you are well aware of the evolution of mobile device management (MDM).  No longer is it simply a discussion about supporting mobile devices, the conversation now includes:

Are you still with me?  Netting this out, organizations expect MDM’s inherent core features such as device lock and wipe as a bare minimum, but they also need to keep their eye on what’s next, because in actuality, it’s already here.

Mobile Enterprise Management solutions are beginning to differentiate themselves in their maturation of addressing customer needs.  By providing more functionality, at the application, content, and data level, organizations can also benefit from enhanced security features, more granular visibility to content, and offer better support to their end users and customers.  Don’t just take my word on the progression — in the mobile management space, analysts are saying the same thing.

So the key takeaway is:  don’t settle with status quo.  There’s more than just looking at the device, think about the information that enters, resides on, and exits the device.

Though the handset is what your employees hold in their hands, it’s the application and content that can provide tangible results to your business.

Learn how mobile enterprise management offers a variety of options to help protect your organization while transforming your business with mobility.

What MDM challenges does your organization face? What solutions will you provide to break free of the status quo?
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