Secure Data Access Anywhere And Anytime

It may have started as a trickle, an employee waiting for a business-issued mobile device deciding that her device was perfectly capable of performing business tasks, but now BYOD  has inundated companies of all types. As a result of the surge in mobile device usage and the adoption of BYOD , there is a growing list of operational and security challenges that must be addressed. Companies want guidance on how to effectively secure personal and corporate issued mobile devices to help protect critical business information. They’re also finding that they need a fully developed strategic plan for mobility, as winging it is no longer an option.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AT&T and Juniper Networks shows how enterprise mobility practices vary across industries, what challenges enterprises are coming up against, and what the most important trends in mobility are. Read this informative study and discover insights on these issues and more.

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